Sunday, June 26, 2011

Action Figure Want List

80's vintage toys I'm after...

Battle Beasts:

Laser Beasts

89 Brown Lion Figure and Weapon
90 Grencats Figure and Weapon
91 Fight Horn Figure and Weapon
92 Hustlebear Figure and Weapon
93 Battle Fennec Figure and Weapon
94 Killer Hound Figure and Weapon
95 Dragon Seahorn Figure and Weapon
96 Strong HurricaneFigure and Weapon
97 Sea Panic Figure and Weapon
98 Puzzlecolor Figure and Weapon
99 Mantfrenzy Figure and Weapon
100 Scope Couger Figure and Weapon
101 Skull Grotess Figure and Weapon
102 King-Buster Figure and Weapon
103 Slag King Figure and Weapon
104 Jeerer Monkey Figure and Weapon
105 Hornhead Figure and Weapon
106 Monkey Fighter Figure and Weapon
107 Flying Dragon Figure and Weapon
108 Kickback Figure and Weapon
109 Skybat Figure and Weapon
110 Grin Reefer Figure and Weapon
111 Salomanther Figure and Weapon
112 Dino Gator Figure and Weapon

Dragonriders of the Styx:
Demon Warrior- Wings, Weapons
Guilez the Ogre - All accessories
Black Outfit Wizard-  Figure and All accessories

Duelin' Devils:

Mystery Action Dragon

Riding Creatures:
Demon Flyer - Just vehicle
Roozan - vehicle and figure
Skull Sled - Vehicle and Figure
Fantar - Vehicle and Figure
Serpent Rider-  Figure

Computer Warriors:
Romm - All
Computer Playset - All
Digital Clock Playset - All
Book Playset - All
Bugmen of Insecta:

Black Widow - Figure and All accessories

Killer Bee - Figure and All accessories

Stag Beetle - Figure and All accessories
Grasshopperman - Figure and All accessories
Spiderman - All accessories
Tiger Beetle - Figure and All accessories

Laser Light Skeletor – All
Laser Power He-Man - All accessories
Rotar- All Accessories except axe
Twistoid -Base

Battle Tram
All support arms
All tracks


Bubble Power She-Ra -bubble blaster
Loo-Kee -All
Shower Power Catra - black skirt, cat mask, shield
Spinnerella - All

NA He-Man
Disc of Doom Skeletor – Both Discs with clip
Butthead – Spear
Hook Em Flogg – All
Hoove - Gun, and Helmet
Hydron – All except backpack
Karatti – All
Kayo- Helmet, Shield
Lizorr –All Accessories
Missile Armor Flipshot – All
Nocturna – Helmet,
Skeletor – Cape, Helmet
Slush Head - Backpack, Hook tenticle
Spinwit – Wing
Staghorn – Antlers, Axe
Thunderpunch - He-Man – Sword, Shield
Too-Tall Hoove – All
Tuskador – All
Vizar - Helmet

MOTU Comics

Marvel/Star Comics:

Food Fighters
Short Stack -Gun

Toxic Crusaders

Mara - Hair Part
Laser Light Palace Guard - Clip, Gun, Gun Hose
Laser Light Neptul - Trident, Shield
Tongo - All Accessories
Laser Light Tongo - Staff, Weapons Rack, Mace
Laser Light Gargo - Right hand wing
Meuton - Cuffs
White Knight - Staff

Real Ghostbusters (Kenner)
Ecto-500 - Antenna
Fright Features Janine - Weapon
Power Pack Heroes Egon - Pack, Ghost
Power Pack Heroes Peter - Missile
Power Pack Heroes Ray - Pack, Ghost
Power Pack Heroes Winston - Ghost
Power Pack Heroes Janine - Handlebars
Power Pack Heroes Louis -  Ghost
Screaming Heroes Winston - Figure
Screaming Heroes Janine - Figure, Phone
Super Fright Features Janine - Weapon
Slimed Heroes Egon - All accessories
Slimed Heroes Peter - Proton Pack
Slimed Heroes Ray - Ghost
Slimed Heroes Winston - Ghost
Slimed Heroes Louis - Proton Pack and Ghost
Ecto Glow Heroes Egon - Mask, and Proton Pack
Ecto Glow Heroes Peter - Mask, Ghost, and Proton Pack
Ecto Glow Heroes Ray - Mask, Ghost, and Proton Pack
Ecto Glow Heroes Winston - Mask, Ghost, and Proton Pack
Ecto Glow Heroes Louis - Mask and Ghost

Madballs (1985 Amtoy)

Head Popping
Skull Face - Head
Screamin' Meemie - Head
Horn Head - All

Super Madballs
Foul Shot (Basketball)
Goal Eater (Soccer Ball)

Any other Madballs related products

Power Lords
Tork - Weapon
Bakatak - All
Raygoth - Weapon
Disguyzor - Weapon
Drrench - Both Accessories
All 4 Beast Machines

Thunder Bolt - Head Piece

Scary Cat - Left Arm

Rock Lords
Series 1
Magmar - Weapon

Series 2
Marbles - Weapon

Series 3
Sabrestone - Weapon
Spearhead - Weapon

Series 3 "Jewel Lords"
Solitare - Weapon
Sanstone - Weapon
Flamestone - Weapon


Deputy Fuzz – All but Figure and side guns
Col. Borobot – Yellow Weapons
Outlaw Skuzz– All but Figure and Small Gun




Series 1
Astral Moat Monster - Wings

Series 2
Tygra (Old) - Bolo Whip

Series 3
Jaga - Helmet
Pumyra - Weapon
Mongor - Weapon
Driller - All
The Stinger - All
Tongue-A-Sauras - All

Fist Pounder

Luna Lasher - 1 Swinging Mace
Thunderwings  - All
Stilt Runner  - All

Cats Lair
Mumm-Ra's Toumb - Alligator Side Dude

Spiderax - Whip

Mona Lisa - All accessories
Super Mike -  Gun, Buddy
Toon Zak - Figure, Gun, Hose
Toon Kala - All accessories
Stego Raphael - Figure, Club
Pterano Donatello - Figure, Blade, Staff
Creature From The Black Lagoon Leonardo - All but gun
Invisible Man Michelangelo - All
Movie III Samurai Raphael - 1 Blue Sai, Mask

Giant Turtles
Donatello - Bo Staff
Michelangelo - Nun chucks
Movie Donatello - All
Movie Raphael - All
Movie Michelangelo - All
Movie Leonardo - All
Bebop - Figure
Rocksteady - All

Newer Current Toys I'm After...

Muppets (Palisades)
Series 3 Zoot
Convention Exclusive Dr. Teeth
Convention ExclusiveVaudville Statler And Waldorf
Convention Exclusive Steppin' out Gonzo
Convention Exclusive Frog Scout Kermit
Rainbow Connection Kermit
Also looking for some loose figures.

Atom Smasher
-Right Arm

-Left Arm

-Right Arm

McFarlane Sportpicks
Deion Sanders (Falcons Black Jersey)

MOTU (Mattel/Neca)
K-Mart Exclusive Man-At-Arms (With Card)
K-Mart Exclusive Stratos (With Card)
K-Mart Exclusive Beast Man(With Card)

Now Playing (Sota)
Killer Klown (blue Tower Variant)

Simpsons (Playmates)
Stonecutter Moe
Pin Pal Burns
Radiactive Glow Homer

Grail Wants
These are my long shots

Chase Fisto

TMNT Playmates
Donatello Statue